IMPORTANT: please note new online process for submission of complaints

The Complaints Policy can be found here.  Please read the policy thoroughly before completing the online form to submit a complaint.

Your complaint cannot be considered under the Complaints Policy unless it is submitted using the online form, with all parts fully completed.

Please note that the policy states that complaints must be submitted within 5 working days of the end of the examination. Once this time has elapsed, the online access to the form will close and it will no longer be possible to submit a complaint.

The following table shows some frequently-raised complaints and the responses to these. Please check this table before completing the complaint form, as you may find that there is already a response to your complaint.

Frequently raised complaints

Complaint Response
In the DTP component, the radiograph is not clear on paper. The instructions state that candidates must look at the original
In the DTP, the clocks did not work It is explained to candidates that the clock is only provided as a guide. The examination helpers hold the “master timing”
In the DM, candidates often complain about differences in equipment etc between different workstations, floors or laboratories at the examination venue. Candidates are reminded that there are inevitable variations in the equipment, instruments, artefacts, materials and displays procured for the different diets of the Dental Manikin examination, and amongst the different laboratories set up within the same diet of the examination. These variations are deemed to be within the remit of acceptable simulated clinical practice which constitutes part of the ORE.

Complaints can no longer be submitted for the most recent examinations.