Guidance Documents

ORE Part 2 Guidance Documents


Candidates should be advised that all available information has been given in the Guidance documents shown below.  These descriptions of the examination and its assessment have been agreed with the GDC.

However all documents will be kept under constant review, and where it is believed that additional information may provide greater clarity then a revision of that document will be issued and noted as such on this website.

Candidates are therefore advised to re-visit the website to ensure that the information given in the Guidance Documents is up to date.


General Guidance Document

Suggested Reading

Some Common Mistakes

OSCE – Guidance Document
DTP – Guidance Document and Video (watch before attending the DTP exam)
DM – Guidance Document
ME – Guidance Document
We are aware of the recent change in resuscitation guidelines but these do not change the scope or assessment in any way and primarily detail governance issues.